Meet Your College Month: Enhancing Excellence and EPQ Webinar

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Meet Your College Month: Enhancing Excellence and EPQ Webinar

What is this webinar?
The Enhancing Excellence and EPQ webinar is part of our 'Meet Your College Month', which is made up of a series of live webinars taking place every Wednesday in March. They have been designed so applicants and parents can 'meet' key student support staff. In this webinar, you will meet the Enhancing Excellence and EPQ Coordinator, be able to ask them any questions you have and learn about the different opportunities the Enhancing Excellence Programme and Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) can offer you during your time at Notre Dame.

Who should attend this webinar?
Anyone can attend these webinars but if you are in Year 11 and have applied or are thinking about applying to Notre Dame, we strongly recommend you attend this and other Meet Your College webinars. If you are a parent of a Year 11 student, you may also find our webinars useful.

Do I have to speak or be on camera?
Nope, you won't be on camera or be heard so you can wear your dressing gown and you don't need to find a silent space at home! If you have questions, you can use the private chat feature and we will answer your questions live. 


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