Parent Portal Access Guide

1. Cedar Parent Portal

As part of our continuing commitment to improving student achievement, the College uses an online Parent Portal through our intranet system Cedar. This will enable you access to your child’s attendance and assessment data. The Parent Portal can be accessed securely through the College website.

To log on to the system you will need to use your email address that has been provided to the college and logged against your child’s record. The sign-up process is accessed at the link below by using the email address combined with your child’s student reference.


Their student reference can be found next to the QR code on their College ID card and is labelled as “Stu Ref”.

Login Here

3. Cedar Parent Portal FAQs


Where do I create my Parent Portal password?

You can create your account with the following link:

What do I do if my email address is not registered with the college?

In the first instance, your child can select to “Update Contact Details” via their Cedar account. They should confirm all valid parental email addresses and submit. This could take up to 48 hours to link the new email address on Cedar. Alternatively, an email can be sent to the college providing contact details. Please phone the college reception who will advise what information needs to be included in the email to update records. Please be aware that it is not possible for the College to update the email address over the phone.

What do I do if I have lost my password?

If you have lost or forgotten your password, there is an option for “Forgotten Password” on the Cedar login page. You will need to confirm your email address, your child’s student reference, and their date of birth. Providing these details match, an email will be sent within 10 minutes to allow you to reset your password.

How many Parent Portal logins are available for my child?

Up to 2 separate parental email addresses can be recorded, and an account created again each one. If you have multiple children at the college, only one account is required, and that account will be able to access the records for all children.

Can I access Parent Portal from a tablet or smartphone?

The Parent Portal is accessed through the College website and can be viewed on all devices.

Who should I contact if I have a question about the data on Parent Portal?

If you have any questions regarding Parent Portal please contact the college on 0113 2946644, the office staff will then direct your question to the appropriate staff. Answers to these queries may not be possible over the phone due to staff commitments, however, a response will be made within a time period.

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