Catholic Life

Mission Statement

Our mission inspired by the Christian tradition is to be a community based on faith, hope and love; developing each individual intellectually, emotionally and spiritually to achieve their full potential.

- Provide a welcoming, supportive community where everyone is valued.
- Provide a high quality, meaningful education which encourages the development of the whole person, inspired by the Notre Dame tradition.
- Promote a caring environment, rooted in the virtues of service, kindness, gratitude and respect.
- Work together for the benefit of each person as well as the wider community.
- Recognise, celebrate and treasure, without exception, the unique gifts and dignity of each person, ensuring equality and fairness for all, as found in the teaching and example of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Weekly Prayer

Christians consider the season of Lent as a time to Fast from certain things and to Feast on others.
This lent we could attempt to:
Fast from hate; feast on love

Time to make the desert journey
and renew our way to life.
Time for testing and for changing.
Time to trust the word of God.
Time for forgiveness and for healing
and to rebuild out broken lives.
Time to turn our lives again to God
and to transform our world with love.

Catholic Social Teaching

The Catholic social teaching principle of human dignity is about understanding that each of us is made in God’s image. Every person has an innate human dignity no one can take away.

The Catholic social teaching principle of solidarity is about recognising others as our brothers and sisters and actively working for their good. In our connected humanity, we are invited to build relationships - to understand what life is like for others who are different from us.

Commitment to the common good means respecting the rights and responsibilities of all people. No one should miss out on the opportunity to grow and fulfil their potential.

What individuals can accomplish by their own initiative and efforts should
not be taken from them by a higher authority.

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