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It is important to the College that all members of staff, students and families keep themselves safe and healthy. We have included some information about looking after your well-being whilst we are physically closed.

Please click here to download our Mental Health Support flyer

The closure of college and the thought of staying at home for long periods may feel difficult for some of our students. During unsettled times it is normal to feel lots of different emotions or to worry more than usual.

What can I do?

  • Try to keep a good routine. Keeping to the college schedule during the week will help keep your body’s rhythms in balance and your mind active.
  • Exercise regularly. If your gym is closed you could try an online class.
  • Limit your news feed! Rolling news coverage can raise anxiety levels, limit the number of times you check for updates and block notifications.
  • Only use reliable news sources that give you reliable information such as the government website or BBC news. Limit any social media that has a negative impact on how you feel.
  • Keep in touch. Arrange to call / video chat with friends or relatives or write people letters to pass the time.
  • Talk about your worries. Local services are working hard to offer support services by phone and online (see our leaflet for a list of services).
  • Try apps such as Headspace that can help you to refocus and relax.
  • Staying around the same people all the time can be difficult sometimes. If tempers flare, try to go to a separate room, breathe and count backward from 10 to calm down. Take a walk around the block if it is safe to do so.

For more information and guidance:
Download your Coping Calendar
The Market Place - Telephone Support Service

Kooth for Students

Kooth is a FREE, anonymous, confidential, safe, online Wellbeing service, offering professional support, information, and forums for children and young people. Access 365 days a year to counselors who are available from:12 noon-10pm Monday- Friday6pm-10pm Saturday and SundayLog on through mobile, laptop and tablet.

Webinars for Students and Staff

By CWMT Colleges Programme

This is a series of short webinars produced by experienced mental health trainers. Within these sessions, trainers share information and explore strategies for maintaining positive mental health, paying attention to our own wellbeing, and supporting those around us. We hope you will find them useful and engaging.

 Mindfulness and staying present when the future is uncertain

By Katherine Caffrey

This presentation explores how to use mindfulness in a practical day-to-day way, to stem anxiety and reduce the tendency to become lost in a spiral of ‘what if’ scenarios that ramp up anxiety and impact negatively on mental health and wellbeing.

Managing Stress in Today's World

By Sally Ashworth

In this session, Sarah explains what stress is, what can cause stress, and the potential impact on our mental wellbeing. She includes some suggestions for maintaining a healthy balance to manage stress successfully.

Self-care for Students with Eating Disorders

By Gemma Fieldsend

Gemma’s session on self-care for students with eating disorders includes six tips and strategies including staying in wellbeing 'credit', using the BLAST approach and being king to yourself. This session will be of interest to anyone who is struggling to maintain healthy eating.

Being Kind to Yourself

By Penny Aspinall

In Penny’s session, students (and staff) are guided through a range of self-care practices. This session follows this year’s Mental Health Awareness week theme of kindness.