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Upper Sixth Encouraged to Be Not Afraid

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Upper Sixth Encouraged to Be Not Afraid

Notre Dame’s upper sixth students have been encouraged in their exam preparations thanks to a speech from Father Paul Grogan of Mary Mother of God parish in Bradford.

Father Grogan’s inspiring talk was entitled ‘Be Not Afraid’, and related to his own experiences as an 18-year-old sitting A-level exams. During a 20-minute pre-recorded video, he explained that fear can sometimes get the better of us, not just in exams but in our lives. His own first English Literature exam 40 years ago went badly, and his father helped him deal with this, allowing him to meet the challenge of further exams.

Father Grogan explained that our fear of failure can lead to a downward spiral of negative comparisons with other people, when all we must be is ourselves. Using examples from films, the actions of saints, and his own personal lived experience, he explained that there is no reason for us to be afraid. God is always with us.

You can view Father Grogan’s speech here.

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