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Trinity Cup at Notre Dame

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Trinity Cup at Notre Dame

On June 20, Notre Dame welcomed more than 30 students from our family of Diocesan secondary schools to take part in the Trinity Cup, a debating and discussion competition held at college.

After two years of not being able to gather in person, we were grateful to the five schools who brought enthusiastic and engaged young people to inquire into philosophical, ethical and theological issues such as evidence for God, how we use taxpayers’ money, and whether Britain can still be called a Christian society.

The judges were impressed with the quality of the students' reasoning, and their ability to listen and respond with respect. It was a joy to see how well the students collaborated and were able to articulate some developed knowledge and understanding.

Dr. David Ellis, lecturer in philosophy, ethics and religious studies at Leeds Trinity University said, “During Notre Dame’s Trinity Cup, it was a pleasure to both witness and judge so many students debating the philosophical, ethical, and religious topics that will define our society’s future. But more than being impressed by the quality of ideas and perspectives being expressed by the students, it was their continuously virtuous conduct, attitude and striving for mutual understanding which inspired hope in me for the future.” 

 The overall winners of the competition were Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School (pictured above) although all teams made significant contributions throughout the day.

Teacher of Philosophy, Theology and Ethics Maria Coyle and Head of A-level Religious Studies Jack Tunnecliff, who organised the event, said, “Seeing young people discuss difficult topics constructively gives us hope in a world where real dialogue is all too often replaced with who can shout loudest. Thank you to the staff who accompanied the young people and the participants themselves who represented their schools very well. They should all be proud of their achievements.”

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