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Students’ Kindness Inspires Hope

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Students’ Kindness Inspires Hope

Back in February 2021, when Notre Dame’s students were on lockdown and seeking hope in challenging times, Father Timothy Radcliffe inspired them with a virtual speech. This year, during the week commencing February 14, a recording of that speech was shared with current upper sixth students.

Father Timothy, a renowned theologian and writer, spoke about three reasons to be hopeful in spite of difficult circumstances. Firstly, he encouraged our students to reflect on the kindness of all the unsung heroes within our society who do good. Secondly, he highlighted the creativity of young people, whose gifts are, he said, “sorely needed to do marvellous things.” Thirdly, he advised our students not to be afraid of crisis.

Clearly, this advice still proved pertinent for our students, as they responded to his speech by writing him letters of thanks. Father Timothy’s response is pictured above. As he so rightly says to our students, “You are our future, and your humanity and creativity will help us to triumph over whatever challenges lie ahead.”

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