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Stella Maris Silver Awards

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Stella Maris Silver Awards

On Monday and Friday last week the college celebrated all those students who have achieved the silver Stella Maris award.

In the chapel, the students were given their Stella Maris badge by our Principal, Justine Barlow. To achieve this level of the award, students must have reflected on four different virtues, received commendations from staff, as well as taken part in volunteering inside or out of college. Students who reached silver did a wide variety of activities including running youth groups, training young people in different sports, raising money for charities, running events promoting good stewardship, volunteering to read or play music for assemblies and events on a regular basis and taking on extra responsibilities at home to help younger siblings. All of this with no expectation of gaining anything in return.

All these students went out of their way to live out the values of Catholic Social Teaching, standing in solidarity with others for the common good, by living the virtues of responsible citizenship and service.

Justine Barlow said 'it is a real achievement to reach the level of silver in the Stella Maris Leadership Award, and by doing so, these students have shown themselves to be role models of good character and so leaders for others, for leadership is how we live'.

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