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Spanish A Level Trip to San Sebastian, Spain

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Spanish A Level Trip to San Sebastian, Spain

Over the Easter break A Level Spanish took a trip to San Sebastian in Spain. The aim of their trip was to immerse themselves into the Spanish culture and learn the difference between the North and the South. Activities included Spanish lessons in the morning and cultural activities in the afternoon, with students staying with Spanish families to truly test their language skills. See the full itinerary below - 

Day 1: Tour of San Sebastián and Monte Urgull
Day 2: Excursion to Zumaia
Day 3: Museum San Telmo
Day 4: Flamenco and Salsa dancing lessons as well as a "pintxos" tour
Day 5: Igueldo Mount
Day 6: Visit to a coastal town, famous for its gastronomy and typical houses
Day 7: Visit to Bilbao before heading home

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