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Philosophy Alumna Gets Down to Business

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Philosophy Alumna Gets Down to Business

Notre Dame alumna Shanese Youngs gave our A-level Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Studies students excellent advice about being a university student, revision, and learning about yourself when she visited college on December 16.

Shanese attended Corpus Christi Catholic College before progressing to Notre Dame to study A-levels in Philosophy, Ethics & Religious Studies, Geography, and Sociology. Achieving excellent grades, she gained a place at the University of Leeds where she graduated in the summer of 2022 with a BA Hons in Business Management and Philosophy. She is now working for the National Audit Office.

Reflecting on her time as a Notre Dame student, Shanese described how she’d learned a lot about herself. In response to student questions, she explained how she approached revising content-heavy topics, and the importance of creating an exam and revision timetable to ensure she covered all the topics, not just the ones she liked. She also answered questions about what it was like to share a flat, her student social life, the topic of her dissertation and how she managed her finances as a student.

Finally, when asked what part of her A-level Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Studies course she had found most useful when moving on to university, Shanese said 'business ethics'. She often revisited her A-level notes after lectures to help her on the degree course.

All the students who attended found her talk engaging, and many found her explanation of how to access bursaries and scholarships, as well as how to manage money as a student, particularly helpful. As for Shanese, she loved her time at Notre Dame and keeps in touch with some of her old friends.

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