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Pakistan & Afghanistan Flood Appeal

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Pakistan & Afghanistan Flood Appeal

When Notre Dame’s Social Justice Club learnt of the situation in Pakistan and Afghanistan, both of which have been badly affected by flooding, they set about raising funds to help.

As the Unicef website states: “Torrential monsoon rains triggered the most severe flooding in Pakistan’s recent history, washing away villages and leaving around 3.4 million children in need of assistance and at increased risk of waterborne diseases, drowning and malnutrition. 

As floodwaters slowly recede, the sheer scale of damage is being revealed. Hundreds of thousands of homes, and many public health facilities, water systems and schools have been destroyed or damaged. Young children are living out in the open with their families, with no drinking water, no food, and no livelihood, exposed to a wide range of new flood-related risks and hazards, including from damaged buildings and drowning in floodwaters.”

In August, Afghanistan also experienced flash flooding in central, eastern, and southern regions. Floods affected an estimated 15,875 people with over 5,600 houses either destroyed or damaged.

The Social Justice Club organised a charity bucket collection on Friday September 16, which many of our staff and students contributed to. The raised an impressive £331.04.

Hannah Begum and Karma Gad, who lead the Social Justice Club, said, “Thank you to everyone who contributed. Every single penny is appreciated and will help so much for the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan.”

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