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Notre Dame’s Feline Good

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Notre Dame’s Feline Good

There have been four furry additions to the Notre Dame community! A young cat gave birth to three kittens - all girls - around the start of December and has been raising them on the college site ever since.

The feline family were first spotted on Wednesday January 5 by English teachers and cleaning staff. With a lot of encouragement and a little bit of tuna, the mother and first kitten were enticed into the English office and safely rehomed from there. On Friday of the same week, the second and third kitten were found hiding in a drainpipe. English teachers Sarah Birkett and Emma Lawton sprang into action, and with the help of Roy Nugent from the site staff team, managed to safely recover them.

The mother cat (Halo) and first kitten (Willow) were adopted by the daughter of Sara Nutter, one of our cleaners. The second kitten will be looked after by our Deputy Principal Sarah Dumont, and the third was fostered by GCSE English teacher Suzanne Blamires. So many staff expressed an interest in giving kitten number three a permanent home that a name had to be drawn from a hat. Congratulations to Vicky Pointing from Marketing and Careers, who was picked to be the third kitten’s owner. Due to her being rescued from a drainpipe, she will be called Piper.

Sarah Dumont asked our staff and students to suggest names for her kitten. Hundreds of responses were received and Mrs Dumont has decided to call her Lexi. 

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