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'Jaundiced Eye'

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'Jaundiced Eye'

MY jaundiced eye,
You grew swift,
You wrapped up to me,
A venomous vine round my understanding,
The thread like claws sobbed across my ivy silk,

And still I cling to thee,
What has become of me,
A decrepit beast whose life has no lust for generosity,
Just jealousy,
Brutal fucking jealousy,

Oh jaundiced eye,
Oh just close down,
Blind me even,
But is that not the tender peace I yearn for…

Sweet succulent silence,
The fruit to my snake,
Easily swayed,
Dishonourably tempted,

Yet now I still tender to thee,
But for how long shall I worship,
For my trust has been my shattered,
My heart much the same,
Not just by you but by your fellow serpent to,

My jaundiced eye shall be unfiltered,
My sacrifice unknown to your eyes,
Betrayal shall unfold,
Betrayal has unfolded,
And still I yearn for a resentment,

Resentment to thee,
Resentment to your serpent,
A colossal feat,
One to be admired,

But kindness will make thee,
And so I shall be kind,
I shall be brave,
I will see red,
But the red will only mystify my seething judgement towards thee,

So back to the beginning,
A jaundiced eye once more,
Peppered with experience,
Shaken with joy.
Joy to know I do not want thee,
Joy to know jealousy,
Joy to know resentment,
Is only for petty boys who enjoy the indoctrinated attention.

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