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Holy Week 2024

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Holy Week 2024

Holy Week, the most important week in the church calendar was commemorated here at Notre Dame with a week of assemblies. The theme - the relevance of Holy Week in 2024. The assembly began with Valeria accompanied by Moses, singing Amazing Grace

Our student readers then explained the relevance of Jesus to people of many faiths and none, then looked specific incidents that happened on Jesus' journey to his crucifixion; when Jesus was condemned, betrayed, helped by Simon of Cyrene and when he died on the cross, explaining how it is still relevant for people today.  A poem entitled Pietà, written by L6 student Emily Waldron, for the Easter edition of the student newspaper, was read by Oliver and Luna.

Catherine Herring, Director of Catholic Life, gave a reflection called 'Good Friday moments' asking the students to remember a time when all seemed dark and hopeless and if someone had reached out to them giving them hope. She reminded them that whether they shared the same faith as the college or believed in God or not, by being part of the Notre Dame community, they were people of faith, hope and love and that every time they reached out to someone in need they were like Simon of Cyrene who had helped Jesus carry his cross. All the bake sales and charitable giving was one way they helped people carry their burdens. She ended the reflection with these words 'When people let us down and there seems no way forward  we can glimpse a little of the suffering Jesus endured  in his final moments on the cross.  Lord, when the problems of life seem to overwhelm us, remind us that tomorrow will bring a new day, full of new possibilities. For after Good Friday comes Easter Sunday.'

The chamber choir finished the assembly with Jesus Remember Me. 

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