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Happy Year of the Rabbit

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Happy Year of the Rabbit

January 22 marked the Lunar New Year, a time celebrated by many communities. Notre Dame students Liu Tian and Sun Han, supported by our International Students Department, decided to run a pop-up event in our lower common room to raise awareness of this celebration.

Known as Chinese New Year in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan; Tet in Vietnam; and Seollal in South Korea, the Lunar New Year involves many traditions. In China, older family members give younger family members red envelopes containing money to bring good luck. In college, we filled red envelopes with mini chocolate bunnies - as it’s the year of the rabbit - and handed these out to students who came to the event, as well as fortune cookies.

The pop-up venue in the lower common room was beautifully decorated for the event, and our student volunteers - led by Liu Tian and Sun Han - set up stalls to offer calligraphy, fortune telling, and a chopstick challenge to their peers. Pictured below are students holding up calligraphy that phonetically spells out each of their names.

Staff members pitted their chopstick skills against those of our students, picking up as many skittles as they could within a limited time.

As you can see below, the event was very well attended. We’d like to thank all the students who gave up their time to run the event, and to wish everyone a Happy Year of the Rabbit!

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