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Hands-on Day at the Armouries for Classics Students

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Hands-on Day at the Armouries for Classics Students

Notre Dame’s A-level Classics students took part in a day of activities at the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds on March 29, learning about Greek, Persian and Roman armour and weaponry.

They watched a demonstration of a fight between a Roman and a Celt, then attended an object handling session where they examined and tried out a variety of replicated historical artifacts including shields and swords (pictured below).

Taking this hands-on approach one step further, the Armouries ran a fight workshop for our students, their enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff demonstrating how to handle shields, spears and axes. These were rubber, so no students were harmed when they learnt how to get into various military formations used during the Persian Wars, and went for the attack!

The students (and Classics teachers) obviously enjoyed this experience enormously, as you can see from these photos.

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