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'Of Good Soil'

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'Of Good Soil'

Blossom cascades as a waterfall from above
Landing on the toothed tips of a foxglove
The cherry petals weave with the magenta
Executing their role in Spring’s agenda
Like an artist’s palette the colours collide
Radiating brightness on canvas outside
Sheets of white defrost into viridescence
Leaves strive aside magnolia with coherence
Suspending the beauty in a bowing line
The vulnerable opening anthers now shine
Frivolous fuchsias and dainty daisies bloom
Thin thyme and dulcet jasmine sprout by the shroom
A bustling meadow buds from the underground
But a further world of life waits to be found
An army of buzzes is heard foraging
They fight for the food lilies are offering
Breezes blend by splashing sprinkles of pollen
To rest atop cattle fur and the woollen
Rich coats softly dusted with the yellow specks
Farmers sheer it off from their hooves to their necks
Patters of paws bounce out of hidden burrows
Rays of warmth outlining their sniffer's shadows
Scurrying for adventure they seek the light
Butterflies, hares, swallows, calves, squirrels unite
Discussions like a melody wave the air
Their squeaks and squarks echoing music to share
Flowerbeds enthuse the new sparking signal
Bitter winter has been given dismissal
A new shade saturates into the world
Spring blown in from the wind, a ribbon unfurled

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