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Farmington Institute Scholarship

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Farmington Institute Scholarship

Maria Coyle, Teacher of Philosophy, Theology and Ethics, has completed her Farmington institute Scholarship this year. This scholarship is UK based and aimed at head teachers and teachers of Religious Education and associated subjects, publishing papers and reports, and arranges conferences. It aims to support and encourage working values and standards amongst these staff members. Scholars are expected to produce an outline study plan of their project, they will present their work at their own institution and again at the conference in Oxford, as well as write a written report on the work they have undertaken. This report will be published on the website over summer.

On the 5th June, Maria presented her findings to an audience of Notre Dame colleagues, and guests from other schools and institutions. She has explored the use of the Thinking Moves A-Z Framework for Metacognition in Core RE, and how metacognitive and self-regulation strategies can compliment the Catholic vision of education. Nick Chandley from DialogueWorks and Professor Julian Stern from Bishop Grosseteste University also attended. Professor Stern commented on the event - 'It was a wonderful presentation and the whole event was really interesting, engaging, and well organised'. 2 weeks ago, Maria, accompanied by Catherine Herring, Director of Catholic Life, travelled down to Oxford for the repeat talk on her findings. At this event, colleagues from all over the country were very keen to know more and understand how metacognitive strategies can enhance not just students' learning, but also the development of their character and how they manage themselves.

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