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Enhancing Excellence Students Go Super Curricular

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Enhancing Excellence Students Go Super Curricular

As part of Notre Dame’s Enhancing Excellence programme, a group of our lower sixth students have applied to and joined a super curricular reading group with Worcester College, Oxford.

Super curricular activities are those that students pursue outside of their usual work for college, but which still relate to their academic interests. These differ from any extra-curricular activities they may take part in that don’t relate to their education. 

The Worcester College reading group is made up of students from across West Yorkshire, who will look at subject-specific academic resources across a range of different topics. They’ll then discuss these resources in a series of after-college Teams meetings with other students who are applying for similar university subjects. The aim of the group is to, “help students to find their own resources, evaluate the materials they use, talk about their academic interests with confidence, and ultimately make fantastic university applications.”

Activities such as these enable university applicants to demonstrate a genuine interest in their chosen degree subject, and prove that they have explored this subject fully.

Other super curricular activities include:

  • Reading around the subject – books, magazines, and newspapers.
  • Watching and listening to related TV and radio programmes, and podcasts.
  • Checking for subject-specific resource lists on university websites and the reliable sites of organisations related to the subject.
  • Visiting relevant museums, exhibitions and galleries.
  • Attending events and taking part in other activities such as work experience, university summer schools, and public lectures.

We are very pleased that so many of our students are taking part in the group, which should be enjoyable, develop their confidence, and enhance their university applications.

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