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Citizen Neuroscience Project

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Citizen Neuroscience Project

PhD researchers Layla Kouara, who is a Notre Dame alumnus, and Kate Hiley from the University of Leeds have been conducting a citizen neuroscience project with students from lower sixth A-level Psychology this week. Students were taught principles of neuroscience and how to fit a Bluetooth electro encephalogram (EEG), which measures the electrical activity of different brain regions. Once students had fitted the EEG to each other, they then completed tests which measured the brain activity when they were relaxed or alert when they were completing various tasks including go - no go tasks and cognitive overload tasks. The data will be used in research which will be published next year. We are looking forward to Layla and Kate coming back to explain the conclusions of the research.

Students had fantastic feedback about the session and for both Layla and Kate - 

'The EEG session was interesting and fun to do, like how all of the monitors went off when clenching the jaw'
'It was insightful in understanding more day to day usage instead of large machines'
'I learnt how focusing on tasks change the brain waves - this can be helpful with studying and trying to focus'
'I believe it helped me understand how stressed or calm I feel about certain situations'
'I liked how I was able to view how my brain works during activities, I think it helped me become more self-aware, but in wite a positive way'
'An informative workshop, I got to see my own brain signals. I am considering a career in psychology so this tool might be something I use again in the future'

Huge thank you to both Layla and Kate for coming in.

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