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British Biology Olympiad

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British Biology Olympiad

The Biology Olympiad is an international competition run by the Royal Society of Biology. Over 15,000 students in 900 schools participated in the event.

The British Biology Olympiad challenges students with an interest in biology to expand and extend their talents, presenting them with topics and ideas which they are not familiar with, therefore enabling them to compete with their problem solving skills and understanding of core principles.

Notre Dame students did exceptionally well. Out of the 41 students that took part, 3 received a silver award, placing them in the top 15% of all the participants, meaning they were better than 12,750 other students around the world who attempted the challenge. These students were, John Harker, Robert Latham, and Eleanor Simpson. A further 5 Notre Dame students received a bronze award, placing them in the top 30%. Many more were 'commended' or 'highly commended'.

The students are to be commended for completing such a challenging competition outside of college time, testing their skills in analysing complex and unusual data.

The Intermediate Olympiad, aimed at lower sixth only, will be held in June.

Well done to all our students who took part - you've done yourselves and Notre Dame proud!

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