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Black History Month

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Black History Month

During our Notre Dame Time in October, staff and students reflected on life as a journey. The Principal reminded the students of their continuing journey at Notre Dame quoting Nelson Mandela; “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Achievement tutors Lauren Carry and Jess Berry described the virtues needed to when undertaking a journey, especially a spiritual pilgrimage like the one they led to Lourdes, how for every journey perseverance and compassion are needed. Finally Queen Tojoba a member of the student executive with achievement tutor Daneill Whyles, led a reflection on the life journey of Thea Bowman as a woman of colour in the United States who became a religious sister who fought for racial justice and respect for all.

A poem by U6 student Yemi Longe was read that echoed the theme of the assembly- that life is a journey both educational and spiritual and Notre Dame as a community comes together to support and celebrate all who study and work here in their own journey.

I do not have to say this

But I do because I’m proud

My skin is dark

I’m African

And I say this with a smile

Though it is quite unfortunate

That this is still a thing

It’s racism

It’s inhumane

And it’s still alive today

My skin tells a story of a people

Who have been criticised



And mostly pushed to the side

But let me tell you this

We are more than Black History Month

We are more than Black Lives Matter

Our history is more than that of slavery

And we more than deserve a space in society

But beyond all, they are beautiful

And through everything they thrive

Their beauty is beyond measures

From their melanin to their manes

They come in all shades and colours

And yet we are all the same

I am not at all radical

Neither am I a brute

For I am here to speak of excellence

Excellence and the truth

In sacred steps, we journey with a purpose clear,

To holy lands, our souls and hearts draw near

Through trials and tests, our faith does strengthen,

In pilgrimage, our spirits find a path to reckon

Just as in pilgrimage, where all are equal in devotion,

Racial equality seeks a world without division.

We journey towards a future where skin color won't define,

A world where unity and justice brightly shine.

My skin tells a story

Of great people of my race

Barrack Obama, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King

And as the great Naomi Campbell once said

Who is a legend by the way

“The rise of the black race is not a trend, but we are here to stay”.

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