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From Berlin to Leeds

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From Berlin to Leeds

Notre Dame German club has successfully established an international link with a youth exchange centre and a German school, having their first online meet up via Zoom. Droste-Haus is a youth exchange centre in Verl, our very own Paula Critchley worked there her gap year and numerous summers there. Droste-Haus was able to link Notre Dame up with Janusz-Korczak-Gesamtschule, a school in Gütersloh.

The session was kicked off with an online Kahoot Quiz "From Berlin to Leeds" with general knowledge questions about both countries. All the students then introduced themselves and said something about themselves in the other language. There were lots of giggles and happy faces! 

Paula, teacher of PTE and head of German enrichment quotes 'Seeing some of our students who were complete beginners in German in October talking in full sentences was brilliant.'

The link has proved to be a success with another online session planned for the new year.

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