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Resources for Students and Parents

Support Toolkit


Support Toolkit


Mental Health Support

It is important to the College that all members of staff, students and families keep themselves safe and healthy. Here you can find some information about looking after your well-being.

What can I do?

  • Take a look at the advice and resources from services such as Young Minds. You can check this out here.
  • Watch the videos below that talk you through how to manage stress and worry etc.
  • Talk to someone about it, it really helps! You can let your Achievement Tutor know if you are struggling, they will listen, help you find a way forward or refer you to specific support in college.
  • Parents can get information and advice from the services in the Parents section. 

  • Use local support: You can find links to services on the External services page
  • Talk to your GP  can help you prepare what you are going to say when you get to your appointment.

For more information and guidance: 
Download your Coping Calendar
The Market Place - Telephone Support Service
Removing Nudes Tool

Please click here to download the full list of local and national support organisations.

Kooth for Students

Kooth is a FREE, anonymous, confidential, safe, online Wellbeing service, offering professional support, information, and forums for children and young people.
Access 365 days a year to counselors who are available from:

- 12 noon-10pm Monday- Friday
- 6pm-10pm Saturday and Sunday

Log on through mobile, laptop and tablet.

Night Owls

Night Owls is a night-time advice service for parents and young people in Leeds, Bradford, Calderdale, and Kirklees. 8pm-8am. 


Webinar: Mindfulness and Staying Present When the Future is Uncertain

By Katherine Caffrey

This presentation explores how to use mindfulness in a practical day-to-day way, to stem anxiety and reduce the tendency to become lost in a spiral of ‘what if’ scenarios that ramp up anxiety and impact negatively on mental health and wellbeing.

Webinar: Managing Stress in Today's World

By Sally Ashworth

In this session, Sarah explains what stress is, what can cause stress, and the potential impact on our mental wellbeing. She includes some suggestions for maintaining a healthy balance to manage stress successfully.

Self-Care for Students with Eating Disorders

By Gemma Fieldsend

Gemma’s session on self-care for students with eating disorders includes six tips and strategies including staying in wellbeing 'credit', using the BLAST approach and being king to yourself. This session will be of interest to anyone who is struggling to maintain healthy eating.

Being Kind to Yourself

By Penny Aspinall

In Penny’s session, students (and staff) are guided through a range of self-care practices. This session follows this year’s Mental Health Awareness week theme of kindness.

Action For Happiness

'Ten Keys to Happier Living' is a book by psychologist Vanessa King which reveals how we can unlock the science of happiness to lead happier lives and create a happier world. How can we improve our relationships? What helps us cope well with adversity? How does physical activity affect our mood? What makes life meaningful? The book explores these and many other questions, all based on the latest research about what really works. There is also a copy in the library.

Action for Happiness WEBSITE


Parent / Carer Mental Health Webinar Recording - Tuesday 7th December

Click below to find out how you can further support your child's mental health and wellbeing. 


MindMate Resources

Coping with Anxiety Workbook


Coping with Self Harm Workbook

Low Mood Workbook


Sleep Workboook

Library Wellbeing Resources

- Dan Giddy, Library Manager

There are lots of self-help and advice books in the college library. You can find resources on building self-esteem, managing anxiety and low mood, promoting happiness, autism and mental health, and much more. Click here to go to the library's Reading Well page.

Battle Scars Self Harm Support Group

Virtual adult self-harm peer support groups (UK-wide) No referral, no assessment, no waiting, only a simple logging of interest.


Mental Health Awareness Week 2023

Mental Health Foundation

Did you know that loneliness has a huge impact on our physical and mental health? Watch this video from the Mental Health Foundation.


British Red Cross

Get support for your wellbeing and mental health. Develop skills to build confidence, resilience and improve your general wellbeing.


Combatting Loneliness

Claire from Oldham Healthy Minds has shared some tips to help combat loneliness.


Support During Exams

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