Questions about what can be studied

How many subjects can I study?
Students usually take the equivalent of three A levels as this is what they need to go to university or move on to a higher or degree level apprenticeship. Some students also study for an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) to make them stand out to universities and employers.

What courses are available?
We have a wide range of courses available: A levels, level 3 BTEC/CTECs, a T-Level, and some level 2 qualifications. For more information, please look on our course list.

Can I study a BTEC/CTEC with an A-Level?
Yes! Notre Dame will allow you to mix and match BTECs with A-Levels in order to give you the maximum amount of flexibility and future career options.

Can I study four A-Levels and an EPQ?
Even if you are planning to apply for a competitive degree like Medicine, or to a competitive university like Cambridge, three A-levels are enough. However, if you have a very strong GCSE grade profile (an example would be all grade 7/8/9), you could take a fourth A-level or study for an EPQ: we will discuss this with you at enrolment.

What is the difference between A levels and BTECs or CTECs?
There are two main differences: the way the courses are taught and the way they are assessed. A levels are taught in a similar way to GCSE’s, with the teacher giving you lots of information to learn for the exams. BTECs and CTECs are assessed through coursework, or sometimes a mixture of coursework and exams. You can find out more here.

What is the Notre Dame Pathway?
The Notre Dame Pathway is designed to help students who don’t meet the entry requirements for level 3 courses (e.g. A levels). For one year, you would study level 2 BTEC/ CTEC qualifications and retake GCSE Maths or English if required. Then you would progress to a level 3 study programme at Notre Dame. To take a BTEC/CTEC level 2 qualification, you should have at least four GCSEs at grade 3 or equivalent qualifications including at least a grade 3 in GCSE English Language and/or GCSE Maths. Students who haven’t already achieved a minimum of grade 4 in both GCSE English and Maths will continue to work towards this.

Entry Requirements

What qualifications do I need?
Entry criteria for A-Levels and Level 3 courses is five grade 4s at GCSE including GCSE English Language and GCSE Maths. Many courses also have specific entry requirements and these are detailed on the individual course pages on our website.

What if I don’t meet the entry criteria?
Each case will be treated individually. We will look at your grades on GCSE Results Day to see if we can come up with an alternative plan for you.

Applying to start in September 2021

How do I apply?
You apply online. The whole process should take around 30 minutes to complete. You will be taken through different screens to input all your personal details, course choices and predicted grades. If you are in year 11, you can apply from September 2021, and the deadline for applications will be in January 2021.

Other questions

Is there a dress code?
There is no uniform, but we ask students not to wear anything revealing, offensive, or really impractical.

What will my timetable look like?
We are currently planning our timetable for September 2020. We’ll let you know more about this as soon as we can.

What is PTE?
The PTE programme aims to encourage the formation of the whole person and seeks to be inclusive, challenging and affirming to all, irrespective of faith or perspectives. Through reflections and discussions, we foster a community based on respect and trust where everyone feels valued. In this class, you will discuss the wider issues in life. They look at the big questions, spiritual development and how they relate to their internal and external worlds. There are no exams, no homework and no coursework in this lesson. You will also have the opportunity to gain the Stella Maris Leadership Award.

Can I have a part-time job while I study at college?
Yes, but don’t work for more than 15 hours a week, as otherwise this can affect your grades.

Do I have to be Catholic to go to Notre Dame?
No, we welcome students from all faiths. The diversity of our students is a strength of the college.

Can I attend Notre Dame as a mature student?
We are a Sixth Form College, which means our A-Level and BTEC Level 3 courses only cater for 16-19-year-olds.

What is the campus like?
A virtual tour of the college is available on our website, which shows you the Notre Dame campus. Once it becomes possible again, we will advertise personal tours and let you know how to book one.

Does Notre Dame have a College bus? I’m not sure how to get there.
We don’t have a college bus but Notre Dame is situated a 20 minute walk from Leeds Bus Station and the train station is a 15-minute walk away. There are a variety of cycle routes into the city and there is provision to store your bicycle securely within college grounds. Click here to view our sustainable travel page. 

Can I go on holiday during term-time?
We do not allow this: once you’ve enrolled, please speak to your personal tutor for further information.

How is college different to high school?
College is a more adult environment than high school. There are no bells to mark each lesson, you are expected to take responsibility for your own learning (with lots of support from us) and you don’t have to be on the college site if you have a study period, which means you might get a lie-in on some days!

Can you help me to find work experience? 
Yes, we have a work experience coordinator who can help you to look for a placement. You can read more about this on the ‘Careers Support’ page of our website: https://www.notredamecoll.ac.uk/students/careers-support

What extra-curricular activities or trips do you offer?
We offer a huge range of enrichment activities. You can find out more on our ‘Enrichment and ND+’ page: https://www.notredamecoll.ac.uk/why-choose-us/enrichment