A-Level Spanish

Did You Know?

More people speak Spanish than English. It’s the second most widely spoken language in the world with 400 million native speakers.

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Two Year Course

Examination Board

Where can learning a language take you?
Abi, A level French and Spanish student

Where can learning a language take you?
 Sarah, Curriculum Manager, Humanities & MFL, Pearson UK


"With A level Spanish, you get the chance to learn the second most widely spoken language in the world,  and to find out about Spanish culture and beliefs. Furthermore, this subject gives you a chance to travel to Spain with your classmates and teachers which is a wonderful experience. In addition to this, the subject improves your employability skills since employers always look for people who can speak more than one language". - Emmanuel Okoro, upper sixth student



Assessment: 100% exam

Paper 1: Written exam: 2 hours 30 minutes. 100 marks. 50% of A-level. Listening, reading and writing. Based on Four themes (Aspects of Hispanic society, Artistic culture in the Hispanic world ,Multiculturalism in Hispanic society and Aspects of political life in Hispanic society) and grammar

Paper 2: 20% Writing. Written exam: 2 hours. 80 marks in total. 20% of A-level. Based on one text (las bicicletas son para el Verano) and one film (Ocho apellidos vascos) and Grammar

Paper 3: 30% Oral exam: 21–23 minutes (including 5 minutes preparation time). 60 marks in total. 30% of A-level. Based on Individual research project and one of four themes (ie Aspects of Hispanic society or Artistic culture in the Hispanic world or Multiculturalism in Hispanic society or Aspects of political life in Hispanic society)

What do I need to study this course?

Grade 6 in GCSE Spanish.

What will I study?

You will study topics similar to those at GCSE but from a more mature perspective. These include modern and traditional values, cyberspace, equal rights, modern day idols, Spanish regional identity, cultural heritage, a film called “Ocho apellidos vascos”, immigration, racism, integration, today’s youth tomorrow’s citizens, an individual research project, a play called “Las bicicletas son para el verano”, grammar and translation. Not only does this course offer endless opportunities to discover the true Hispanic culture, you will also be able to experience it yourself by taking part in a trip to Spain.

What next?

Studying Spanish will give you excellent career opportunities and life-long skills in today’s international market. Knowledge of another language makes you more employable and stands out in job applications. Spanish is good proof of the “breadth” required by universities seeking to recruit, for example, medical students.

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