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The Corporation conducts its business through a number of committees. Each committee has terms of reference, which have been approved by the Corporation. These committees are Finance and Physical Resources, Human Resources (including remuneration), Audit and Curriculum and Standards.

Board of Governors

Mrs Margaret Ramsden (Chair & Foundation Member), c/o Notre Dame CSFC, St. Mark’s Avenue Leeds LS2 9BL

Mr Tony Britten (Foundation Member),
Mr Barrie Morland (Foundation Member),
Mr J Paul Casey (Foundation Member),
Mr David Wright (Foundation Member),
Mrs Agnes O’Malley (Foundation Member),
Mr Damian McHugh (Foundation Member),
Prof Freda Bridge (Foundation Member),
Ms Anne Woliter (Foundation Member),
Rev. Deacon David Arblaster (Foundation Member),
Prof. Margaret House (Foundation Governor),
Mr Terry Coen (Principal),
Mr Jonathan Prashar (Parent),
Ms Anna-Louise Case (Staff),
Mr Jim Robinson (Staff),
Mr Chris West (Co-opted),
Mr Andrew Coverdale (Co-opted),
Mr Mark Shillito (Clerk),
Miss Catherine Warr (Student).

Audit committee:

Mr P Casey (Chair), Mr D McHugh, Mr EA Britten, Mr C West, Mrs J Firn – Clerk

Curriculum committee:

Mrs. M. Ramsden (Chair), Prof. F. Bridge, Mrs. A. Woliter, Mr. D. Wright, Mr. E.A. Britten, Ms. T. Ellul (staff), Vacancy (staff), Mr. T. Coen (Principal) Mr M Shillito – Clerk

Finance committee:

Mrs M Ramsden (Chair), Mr D Wright, Mr B Morland, Mr A Coverdale, Mr T Coen, Mr M Shillito – Clerk

Human Resources committee:

Mr EA Britten (Chair), Mrs M Ramsden, Mr D McHugh, Mrs A O’Malley, Mr T Coen, Mr M Shillito – Clerk for Parts 1 and 2

Corporation Meetings

Corporation Minutes 8 July 2015
Corporation Minutes 20 May 2015
Corporation Minutes 18 March 2015
Corporation Minutes 17 December 2014
Corporation Minutes 22 October 2014
Corporation Agenda 9 July 2014
Corporation Agenda 14 May 2014
Corporation Agenda 19 March 2014
Corporation Agenda 18 December 2013
Corporation Agenda 23 October 2013

Committee Meetings


Audit Ctte Agenda 19 June 2014
Audit Ctte Agenda 01 April 2014
Audit Ctte Agenda 13 March 2014 v2
Audit Ctte Agenda 11 Dec 2013
Audit Ctte Agenda 19 Sept 2013


Curriculum Ctte Agenda 29 Apr 2014
Curriculum Ctte Agenda 10 Dec 2013
Curriculum Ctte Agenda 15 Oct 2013


Financial Statements 2014-2015
Finance Ctte Agenda 2 July 2014
Finance Ctte Agenda 7 May 2014
Finance Ctte Agenda 11 Dec 2013

Human Resources

Human Resources Agenda 26th June 2014
Human Resources Agenda 8th May 2014
Human Resources Agenda 6th March 2014
Human Resources Agenda 17 Oct 2013