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Monday 22nd June
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Monday 22nd June Student Briefing: Windrush Day

Following on from last week’s Vlog we continue with the principle that ‘Knowledge is Power’  By learning our country's history we can move towards a more inclusive society. We celebrate our diverse community at Notre Dame. In 1948, Britain was just starting to recover from World War II. Thousands of buildings had been bombed, houses destroyed and it all needed to be rebuilt. In the Caribbean, lots of young men and women had served in the British armed forces because at the time, many Caribbean countries were still under British rule and not yet independent. After the war, some of these people answered an advert to come to Britain where there were lots of different jobs to do.  They got on a ship - the Empire Windrush. This was the first time so many Caribbean people had come to live in Britain. Many more arrived in the following years. It was the  22nd  June 1948 when the Empire Windrush arrived at Tilbury Docks in Essex.

Windrush Day was introduced on 22 June 2018, on the 70th anniversary of the date when hundreds of passengers from the Caribbean arrived to the UK aboard the MV Empire Windrush. Windrush Day is intended to recognise and honour the significant contributions of the Windrush Generation to British social, cultural and political life.

Who are the Windrush Generation?


The Windrush

Goodbye Class of 2020

Grab a hot drink, some tissues, and sit comfortably as the staff at Notre Dame say a long, heartfelt goodbye to the Class of 2020 in this week's special farewell edition of the Notre Dame Fam vlog. From all at Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form College, goodbye, good luck, and thank you for your love, resilience, and kindness. See below for more farewell videos from subject staff who wanted to say an extra special farewell to the Class of 2020!

Art Department:
Goodbye Class of 2020

Media Department:
Goodbye Class of 2020

Maths Department:
Goodbye Class of 2020

MFL Department:
Goodbye Class of 2020

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