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As you Sow so Shall you Replant

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As you Sow so Shall you Replant

Back on April 22, Notre Dame’s Eco Team gave away sunflower seeds to students and staff as part of our community’s Earth Day celebrations. By Thursday May 27, the college Admissions Assistant Ms. Ann Page had grown four fine specimens, and brought them into work for our Eco Team to plant.

On their penultimate day as Notre Dame students, the team chose a sunny spot in the college grounds and planted out the sunflowers, each one supported with a cane in readiness for their transformation into towering giants. Our Lay Chaplain Mr. Andrew Sullivan described this as, “One last act of eco kindness, leaving the Notre Dame community with a legacy that will grow throughout the summer and beyond.” 

The choice of sunflowers has special significance for our college, as St Julie Billiart, foundress of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, encouraged everyone to, "Be like the sunflower that follows every movement of the sun, and keep your eyes always turned towards our good God."

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