Time to Talk about Mental Health

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Time to Talk about Mental Health

One of Notre Dame’s achievement support tutors, Miss Charlotte Duckitt, organised a ‘Time to Talk’ event in college. Miss Duckitt warmly invited all our teaching and support staff to the college staff room on Thursday 7 February. There, they drank tea, ate biscuits, and got the chance to talk about mental health, all as part of an external campaign to end mental health discrimination.

Around 20 people attended, sharing positive and negative stories about their own mental health, and the mental health of their family members and friends. One member of staff brought in a Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) lamp and explained how it worked.

Miss Duckitt said, ‘The event had a calm and welcoming atmosphere, which allowed for conversations free of judgement. Most staff stayed for the full hour, appreciating the time to have a proper lunch break. They also enjoyed the chance to chat to people they don’t always get to see.’

Miss Duckitt hopes to make this a half-termly event, an idea that will certainly be welcomed by staff.

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