Theatre students showcase magnificent performances

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Theatre students showcase magnificent performances

On Wednesday the 22nd and Thursday the 23rd of November, A level Theatre Studies students took to the stage to perform their own self-composed plays to a full room of teachers, parents, and peers.

Showcasing an array of talent throughout the night, each group presented eye-catching performances through a range of theatrical approaches such as contemporary dance and dramatic monologues, each lighting up the stage for a packed theatre.

The amount of extracurricular hours that had been invested in their performances was evident. Each group delivered an impressive show, bringing a unique story to life for the audience. Between setting up the stage and getting props in place, it was clear the theatre team (both teachers and pupils) held a strong bond throughout the process, allowing the superb performances seen tonight to run seamlessly.

A very special round of applause for anyone involved in the performances.

Our post today has been written by upper sixth student Charlie Tallott