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Term 3 Chief Editor's Message

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Term 3 Chief Editor's Message

As the new Chief Editor of The Student Voice college newspaper I’m really looking forward to working with Nathan Rosconie (the new Sub-Editor) and the rest of the new leadership team (Ellie Newsome, Asha Bagchi, James Preston and Evie Clements), alongside all our other journalists. Due to the high levels of interest in responsibility posts that were advertised at the beginning of this term, it was decided that we would rotate the role of Chief Editor and Sub-Editor on a termly basis between those who were appointed to the leadership team. This means that more students will have an opportunity to take on management responsibilities such as editing, launching new ideas, promoting the newspaper during assemblies and open days and organising enhancement activities.

I’ve always been interested in journalism as I find the power of the written word fascinating and I am hoping to pursue a degree in journalism and media at university. I am unsure as of yet which sector of journalism I would like to write for, but I have discovered by writing for our paper that I’m not afraid to grapple with controversial topics that encourage people to talk and think, bringing us one step closer to finding a solution to big issues such as social justice.

This will be an exciting end to a challenging first year as, in addition to publishing this final edition of this academic year’s newspaper, we will also be publishing our very own glossy print souvenir magazine which will showcase articles written by all our journalists.

The new leadership team has already started work on ideas for next year. By September we will have brand new ‘press’ lanyards specifically made for our journalists to help staff and students know who to go to if they have an interesting story they would like us to cover. We are also launching a new Instagram page that will feature an ‘article of the week’ and related podcasts that will be piloted by Ellie Newsome and James Preston in next term’s edition.

In this edition there are many thought-provoking articles on topics such as women’s place in global racial equality movements, climate change, youngism, self care, the ethics of fashion, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, genetic modification and the practice of skin lightening in addition to entertaining pieces about Meghan Markle and political party logos.

It has been a pleasure working with this team and I am looking forward to next year when we can welcome new Lower Sixth students to the team and all hopefully meet in person.

Lydia Barnes

Chief Editor

The Student Voice

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