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Term 2 - Chief Editor's Message

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Term 2 - Chief Editor's Message

Being the Chief Editor of The Student Voice newspaper has truly been a truly exciting experience  and to see it grow and develop over the past year as new students have joined has been inspirational. The articles that have been produced over the past year have highlighted such a wide variety of issues, displaying the passion each young person has for their chosen topics.

This term’s edition includes many articles on topics that require a space to be spoken about openly and sensitively and the student newspaper is the perfect platform for that.  From topics such as the spiking epidemic in Leeds to misogynistic attitudes at the Cannes Film Festival and an interview with the Breakthrough Party (a newly-established UK political party), the wisdom and knowledge of the students of Notre Dame is commendable. For this term’s edition the leadership team continued to embrace a wider range of technology by leading workshops on recording podcasts and establishing an Instagram page. This edition has also grown to include a collection of poems as well as the traditional newspaper style articles, to celebrate the creative minds of our students, for which Notre Dame College is so well-known.

Working for the student newspaper has provided me with the confidence to further myself in my journalistic career. This term members have been encouraged to enter the BBC Young Report of the Year competition and to apply for a BBC apprenticeship and our work at the newspaper is always linked to professional pathways. It has been an honour to have been a part of this newspaper, particularly to have been a member of the leadership team, and I am excited to see how the student newspaper will continue to flourish.

Kindest regards,

Asha Bagchi

Chief Editor

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