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Students Take Typhoon Fundraising to New Heights

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Students Take Typhoon Fundraising to New Heights

The Notre Dame student Eco Team is fundraising for the ShelterBox Typhoon Goni Emergency Appeal by asking their peers to guess the height of the Christmas tree in our main hall…in potato waffles!  

Upper sixth student Jamie Nash, who’s part of the Eco Team, said, “The Philippines has been experiencing its worst floods in 45 years after it was hit with three typhoons in around one month. These Typhoons also affected Vietnam and Cambodia. Typhoon Goni and Vamco have caused almost 150 deaths between them. At the time, Typhoon Goni was the worst typhoon to occur in 2020. Hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated in all three countries overall, and about 66,000 metric tons of rice, corn and other high value crops were damaged, which represents a loss of livelihood for many people.

This demonstrates the impact that the climate emergency is having around the world. Scientists say that as we continue to see increased effects of global warming, these extreme weather events will become increasingly common.

So, the Eco Team is organising a competition during tutorial in the last week of term to see who can guess the height of the Christmas tree in the hall in potato waffles. We know there is a lot of fundraising happening at this time of the year, so students don’t have to donate to participate in the competition, but if they are able to, we’d ask them to please give generously to ensure that the people of the Philippines are supported over Christmas. 

Prizes will be awarded for the closest guess in each tutorial!”

If you’d like to find out more about ShelterBox's Typhoon Goni Emergency Appeal, please click here.

So far, £17.78 has been raised. Congratulations to the Eco Team and their efforts!

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