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Students Call for Change on Look North

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Students Call for Change on Look North

Five of Notre Dame’s students appeared on Look North on Friday March 12, to give their views on women’s experiences of not feeling safe. They were part of a news item focusing on the kidnap and murder of Sarah Everard on March 3.

As Sarah was kidnapped while walking home from a friend’s house, our students talked about their own experiences of ‘constantly looking over their shoulder’ while out on the street, and how the shift of responsibility onto women as the victims of violent crime has become normalized. They stated that women should feel comfortable walking alone, and talked about the importance of men having open conversations about how they can help women to feel safe, and how they can educate other men about this. Our students were clear about the need for us all to be more vigilant about noticing and calling out threatening or misogynistic behaviour, and hoped that their generation would be the one to bring about a change in the treatment of women by men.

We couldn’t be more proud of the excellent points raised by Elle Newsome, Tochi Ezeadum, Leah Schofield, Jamie Nash and Ahmed Tashani during this news item.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Sarah’s family and friends.

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