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Student Newspaper - Editor’s Message

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Student Newspaper - Editor’s Message

Following on from the successful launch of our online newspaper last term, we are very excited to bring you this second edition. Despite all the challenges we’ve all experienced this year, we now have over 50 students in the team and quality of the writing continues to be exceptional. In addition to informative articles, film reviews and interviews, this term’s edition also includes opinion articles on ableism, period poverty, renewable energy sources, the importance of Modern Foreign Languages in a post-Brexit world and many other topics.

One of the highlights of this term was establishing a link with students from the Leeds University newspaper, The Gryphon. They have helped us with the editing process and will be delivering a workshop on how to make the most of opportunities at higher education to pursue a successful career in journalism. It has been really inspiring working with The Gryphon team and we look forward to collaborating with them further in the future.

I will be stepping down as Editor-in-Chief at the end of this term as I will be preparing for my exams (if there are any!). I’m then intending to study History and Politics at the University of Edinburgh in the hope that one day I can go on to a career in political journalism. My ultimate ambition is to become a politician, but I don’t tell many people that as they usually respond with, “Why on earth would you want to do that?”

Running the first online college newspaper has been an absolute joy and I’m so honoured to have had the opportunity of being Editor-in-Chief. I have loved interacting with all of the students involved and helping to edit the many articles that have been submitted. Even though we weren’t able to meet face to face, it has been great to see so many people get involved. I really would encourage anyone who enjoys writing and has an interest in journalism to just give it a go and get involved. You don’t need a top grade in English; if you think you can do it, you can.

A new management team will be appointed soon and they will oversee the publication of our third edition of the newspaper in June. If you would like to join the newspaper and perhaps even take on a management role, please email me at: before the end of this term.

I would like to wish the best of luck to all upper sixth students receiving their grades this summer. Despite how uncertain everything is, I am sure everyone will go on to achieve great things, whether it be HE, an apprenticeship, a job or even if you’re going to be taking a gap year. I would also like to thank all of the teachers that have supported us throughout online learning who have enabled us to flourish as students despite the circumstances.

I am sure I speak for all upper sixth students when I say Notre Dame has been a great two years. The friends we have made and the memories we have created will be cherished as we will soon find ourselves navigating a new chapter in our lives. No matter how exciting the future is, the times we have had at Notre Dame will never be forgotten. 

E Brownbill

Ella Brownbill


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