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PTE Students Explore Mandalas

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PTE Students Explore Mandalas

Here at Notre Dame, every student in our community takes part in a weekly PTE lesson. PTE, which stands for Philosophy, Theology and Ethics, gives students the chance to stop and reflect, to discuss some of the big issues in our world today in a safe and unpressured environment.

Recently, our lower sixth PTE students have engaged with the question ‘What is ultimate reality?’. They have considered a range of views concerning belief, and discussed the disparate ways people communicate their understanding of faith. As part of their exploration into religious visions of ultimate reality, the students used an online tool - discovered by PTE teacher Mr O’Brien - to create their own versions of a Buddhist mandala, demonstrating the virtues of attentiveness and perseverance.

Mandalas are used in many types of Buddhist meditation, their geometric symbols representing the universe. Some of the examples generated by our students can be found above.

You can find out more about PTE here.

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