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Preparing to Join Notre Dame in September 2020 and Other FAQ

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Preparing to Join Notre Dame in September 2020 and Other FAQ

We understand that some of you might be feeling anxious about coming to college in September. Perhaps you’re wondering what you can do to get ready for your courses, or how we’re going to keep you safe. These questions and more are answered below. *

If there’s anything else we can help with, please get in touch:

How can I keep up with my studies?

Here at Notre Dame, our students are still attending classes and completing work set for them, using Microsoft Teams. Your school will have provided you with online resources, virtual lessons, or extra reading materials. Make sure you take advantage of all the support offered. This isn’t just about continuing to learn; it also means you’ll be used to studying, so when you start college your busy timetable won’t come as a huge shock.

How can I prepare for my courses at Notre Dame?

Take advantage of our Summer Learning Programme. Here at college, our teachers have been busy putting together all sort of activities and resources, which will give you a head start when it comes to your A level and BTEC/CTEC courses. Be ahead of the game and click on this link to start learning today:

Will it be safe for me to study with you?

Yes: we’re getting everything ready to make sure you’ll be safe to enrol and learn with us. We will continue to follow government guidelines, and will let you know what our plans are, as soon as we can.

Will Notre Dame accept my calculated grades?

Yes: your grades will be formally awarded, so we’ll treat them in the same way as grades awarded any other year.  You can double check our entry requirements here:

*All this information was correct as of May 1 2020.

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