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Poetry: Wishing Well and Other Poems

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Poetry: Wishing Well and Other Poems


I go away but am closer to you,

Silent miles in the sky,

I wanted to trace the stars,

We're apart yet your scent it near,

My apartment endures solitude,

Wooden shutters that won't fully close,

Nature’s ballad at sunrise,

Calm and composed,

Midday underneath trees,

The branches speak in coarse bark,

Twilight compresses,

Always there,

Lost in pines breath,

Scared of hush,

Because I will stop and love you,

Olive groves grasp me gently,

But you still reach me,

Waves accompany me while I sleep,

Its reassurance releases,

Being alone frightens me,

I am sorry for pushing you away,

Come and join me, please

Yet I never learn,

That waves always leave,

And briefly return

Only in my dreams

Stay close to me like a beautiful scar,

Flawless and consistent,

Your endless presence in my skin,

I feel passion in every red light,

Your aspirations every star,

You’re alive and whole,

My breathing devotion,

Generous hearts beating,

When you're gone,

I am Misery,

Pains seeps steady,

Muddled dreams only clear,

When I dream of you


Allow me to let go,

Dissolve into an in-between,

Wrapped in the sky,

A slim film of pink,

Nestled amongst blue,

Early dusk where lights evidence



Ebb away from me,

Drift away with effortless peace,

My soul encrusted with this jewel frost,

That shimmers and shakes,

In one valuable movement,

I comply to the sadness,

That guides me to grief,

My complexion now numb,

Subordination turning me cold,

Until my heart sparkles with ice,

An eclipse of



Collateral damage

Prove to me I can outlast this hurt,

I’ll embrace you only in my imagination,

Your trance taunting,

But I must remove myself

From your firing line,

I reassure myself,

It upsets me,

Yet I must be free,

Or it'll be too intense to bear,

You artfully damage,

Fragments fill,

You left delicate pieces of me

Around your room,

Which I return to in my nightmares,

My fingers forever crossed,

That you will pick me up,

Fix me back to a finite fantasy

Dark Side

When I see you I'm dappled with a fresh glow,

Clouds froth milky,

My breathing: shallow and floral,

Struggling your burden heavenly,

Can't hold it in my palm any longer,

Loose and heavy



Uncontrollably in my chest,

You make me ache,

Love and hate in one hum,

Only I feel you and hear your pain,

Please forgive me,

If my dark visions cast shadows,

That separate us so slightly,

Everything tires me out but you,

Hard to think of anything but you,

I wish I was good enough,

She gifts you something I couldn’t,

My head knows no calm,

Soothe my thoughts from afar,

Kindly keep digging,

Further inside me,

But my grave

                       not so deep

Wishing Well

A wish hoping to come true,

Pennies pennies pennies,


Wishing in wells for you,

I delve and discover,

Foreign feelings forged overnight,

In the still moments,

Courage comes and splashes over me,

Flow into my life,

Placid ripples transform my delusions,

A honeyed poison,

I'm intoxicated with fatal love,

I'm scared I might lose you

like I'm losing myself right now,

Wild, inconsolable, desperate,

Be my relief









Confess, My Love

                                         My imperfections are perfection,

And I think I'm starting to believe you,

                                                                                 Triggering my interest,

                                          Inundate me with attraction,

Reflect your face in mine,

                                         Reveal to me a side you keep hidden,

                   Emotional connection in our hearts,

Hand in hand,

              Light is your touch,

                               Praise every stroke,

Be accountable for what you’ve done,

                                 Admit that you love me,

                                 So I can breathe,

          Hold me and whisper,


                                           I can sleep




Yours Sincerely

Watch me and discover places secret,

Don’t look away,


Look into my eyes,

Allow the rhythm to bind us,

Scream with no words,

Wind caressing my skin,

Reminding me of you,

My days dark until I remember you,

My thoughts dark until I hear you,

I like who you are,

Infinite elegance with my infinite love,

If you disappeared so would I,

Retreat to my mind,

Where all I think about is you


I am hurting not healing,

Now I know,

Love never heals,




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