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Poems - To Be Gwen and Prawn Cocktail Skips

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Poems - To Be Gwen and Prawn Cocktail Skips

To be Gwen ….

She goes by many names,

this woman of desire.

She comes in many different forms

but always brings the fire.

Typically, she’s blonde and thin

with eyes of blue or green.

She’s cool and smart and makes you laugh.

She dominates the screen.

The most enviable thing of all,

despite her perfect hair,

is her ability to reel him in

with just one cool girl stare.

He looks at her with love and lust

and protects her from all harm.

She’s everything we want to be –

Wrapped inside his arms.

Prawn Cocktail Skips

Prawn cocktail skips,

what a rare delight.

She might as well;

there’s no busses in sight.

Puddles are forming

like riots in the street.

Music jumps from her ears

to her feet.

Legs uncrossed

and hair that’s a mess.

She can relax a little

with no one to impress.

No restrictions, no counting,

no misogynised pain .

Just a girl in a bus stop

eating crisps in the rain


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