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Poem: Landslide by Ella Maltz

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Poem: Landslide by Ella Maltz

A landslide;
You and I.

With love,
Came light.

But in the sky,
There are towers that please it;
Manipulate the light
And steal it.

The rain is not strong enough alone,
It cannot enable nature to grow-
Though it wants to.

And so, a landslide is what we see
As the towers crash beneath our feet.

Now, the light seeps through once more;
Just patiently waiting for the rain to fall.

But the sky is cloudless,
Nature shrivels.
Time passes,
Summer unravels.

The light is too late.
Strange, it seems;
That the rain has forgotten,
Or had to leave?

We once held hands,
You, and I.
You never needed to weep,
Only look me in the eye.

So in the midst of our lies,
The landslide fell.
Our battle,
It had known too well.

Our landlside;
You, and I.

With no more love, and,
No more light.

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