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Opinion: How can we Replace School Trips?

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Opinion: How can we Replace School Trips?

‘Life on Earth’, a past exhibit at Leeds City Museum

As you all know, due to government restrictions in response to the Covid pandemic, we have been restricted from going on our usual fun school trips. Although it is nobody’s fault and was a necessary move to control the spread of the virus, we are the ones who lose out by not having access to a full and eventful 6th Form experience.

How will this impact our learning? Some people are better at learning through real life experiences. Not having this opportunity could immensely impact the progress of these students. Virtual learning is OK but doesn’t come close to the real thing and still means we are  unable to receive our complete comprehensive 6th Form adventure.

Could this possibly take a toll on our mental health? The idea of going to the same place every day is daunting for some people and sometimes we just need that day out to experience new things and make new lasting memories with our friends and teachers. COVID-19 has taken this privilege away from, consequently leaving us with memories not only restricted by no trips, but also memories of staying away from each other.

Could this also stop people from potentially making new friends? School trips are typical friend-forming experiences for teenagers who happier outside of school and with their peers. Since school trips are prohibited for the time being, could that mean potential friendships are also put on hold?

The point is that students need school trips not only to benefit their learning, but to form better friendships. So if we are unable to have these important experiences this year, would it be possible for the government to organise an additional year of learning for A level students? NOT to provide more classroom learning, but to enable the current U6 to attend retreats and workshops that will give us the opportunity to catch up on all the skills and valuable experiences that are usually gained on school trips?

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