New Student Presidents Ready to Make a Change at Notre Dame

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New Student Presidents Ready to Make a Change at Notre Dame

In May the Notre Dame student body elected Student President Feras Abulula and Vice President India Claybourne as part of the new Student Executive. As a team, Feras and India are keen to build on Notre Dame’s sense of community by creating more groups and societies, holding more events, and ultimately promoting ‘Community as an ethos’.

The duo are already making plans for a student led college paper. The content will be written by students and will celebrate college life at Notre Dame. It will open up a variety of opportunities for students looking for a career in journalism or a related field, or activities to enhance their UCAS, apprenticeship, or job applications.

Feras and India are hoping to support the promotion of many events at college, including extracurricular sports events that see students receive recognition for their achievements in the field. They are also hoping to celebrate all the hard work of the students with an end of year prom!

Congratulations to the inspiring and ambitious pair, and good luck for the year ahead!

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