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ND + Speaker Introduces Philosophy Students to Bioethics

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ND + Speaker Introduces Philosophy Students to Bioethics

As part of Notre Dame’s subject enrichment programme, ND+, our A level Philosophy Ethics and Religious Studies students attended a webinar with Mr. Michael Wee, Education and Research Officer at The Anscombe Bioethics Centre.

Mr Wee, who is also a member of the Vatican’s Academy for Life, spoke to a lower sixth class on the morning of April 23. He gave two presentations, the first about euthanasia, which touched on libertarianism, freedom, individuals seeing themselves as a burden, and the extent to which we are capable of excellence in our lives.

His second talk focused on personhood and the development of the embryo. He reflected on when humans develop rationality, and spoke about legislation such as ‘the 14-day rule’ on embryo testing and research, which is currently being questioned by some ethicists.

Head of Philosophy Ethics & Religious Studies Mr. Tunnecliff said, “Mr. Wee’s talk was a rich and thought-provoking experience which allowed students and staff to reflect on medical ethics at a deeper level. We were very pleased that Mr. Wee gave up his time to contribute to our ND+ programme, providing students with the experience of an academic-style presentation. This webinar saw two organisations with a rich Catholic heritage reflecting on modern ethical issues together and I look forward to more events like this in the future.”

Lower sixth student Charlotte Marriott said: “I found his talk interesting and liked how he didn’t just state his own opinion but covered a range of ideas meaning we could develop our own thoughts.”

ND+ sessions provide subject-specific support to enhance our students’ knowledge through activities such as speakers from industry and higher education; specialist subject or employer visits; and participation in enrichment activities.

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