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ND Health Heroes: Hannah Lowe

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ND Health Heroes: Hannah Lowe

What is your current role?
I am a Foundation Year 1 Doctor.

What did you study at Notre Dame, and when? 
From 2012 to 2014 I studied A level Biology, Chemistry and Maths, as well as AS Geography and General Studies.

What did you do next?
I spent 5 years at medical school from 2014.

Why did you become a doctor?
In secondary school I was never sure what career I would follow, despite my teachers encouraging me to consider a career in medicine as I achieved high grades and had good interpersonal skills. I spent a lot of time doing work experience in various things, such as in a law practice and a veterinary clinic. I ruled out almost everything. It was only after completing work experience with a GP and in my local hospital that I realised this encompassed everything that I wanted in a career: lifelong learning, interacting with people, problem solving, empathy, team working, communication skills and science.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
The most rewarding part of my job is being a part of patients' lives, sharing the good times and the bad. It is extremely fulfilling to empower patients to make decisions about their health and care.

What advice would you give any current ND student wanting to work in the healthcare sector?
My advice would be to make sure you REALLY understand what the day-to-day job entails through all stages of the career - can you see yourself doing this?

Also, find ways to build your mental resilience and improve your mental health before starting training in healthcare. Medicine is extremely challenging; you must find ways to deal with stress and adversity throughout your career.

What advice would you give your past self?
I would advise my past self to enjoy my time at Notre Dame more whilst it lasts! They were some of the best years of my life!

What is your favourite memory about studying at ND?
I have so many good memories of Notre Dame! I met so many new friends, and it was the perfect environment to work and play hard. We were treated like adults and given flexibility. I also enjoyed playing netball for the college.

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