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ND Health Heroes: Andrei Barbulescu

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ND Health Heroes: Andrei Barbulescu

Whilst a first-year medical student at Milano Bicocca University in Italy, Notre Dame alumnus Andrei Barbulescu saved the life of an injured cyclist using the first aid training he took part in at college.

In 2019, having achieved grades A A* A* in A level Biology, Chemistry and Maths respectively, Andrei began his medical degree. Now in his second year, Andrei was in his car with a friend on 5 July when he saw a cyclist fall to the ground.

“We decided to stop to see if he needed help. I noticed that he was lying on his side: I imagine that someone present had moved him thinking they were helping with his breathing. In reality, the gentleman, about sixty years old, was completely unconscious. He was not breathing, had no heartbeat, and had a bluish face. I moved him to the supine position and performed resuscitation until an ambulance arrived. I immediately thought about how important the training I had received in England on first aid was! I would like everyone to think about it: these are a few hours of training but they can really save a life.” 

Andrei added, “I know that this gentleman is now fine: I have confirmation that he has recovered.”

We would like to commend Andrei for his quick thinking and calm response to the situation he found himself in. We hope to offer first aid courses to our current students in the summer term, if possible.

Andrei’s university has written a post about his compassionate actions to save this cyclist's life.

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