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Face Visors from Design Department

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Face Visors from Design Department

At the beginning of April, Notre Dame’s Product Design Department joined other schools and colleges nationwide to make face visors and donate them to health care and other key workers in our local community and beyond.

Donations of materials were made by local companies LVF packaging and Venn Watson and co. The department is also grateful for the donations from Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School, college staff and the wider community who have supported us in this venture.

As our college site is closed to students (and usually to staff too), it fell to the department’s teachers Mr Ian Granger and Ms Carol Sheward to get stuck in. Taking great care to maintain social distancing, and wearing appropriate PPE, they are well on their way to making more than 1000 visors.

Head of Department Mr Granger said, “We are so thankful for the support we’ve received with this. Within a week we had sent our first batches of visors to care homes and other settings where they were sorely needed. As a department we feel really proud that we are able to have a positive impact and give back to the community.”

Here at Notre Dame we pride ourselves on our Catholic ethos, with staff and students regularly taking part in charitable activities. We are very pleased that our Product Design Department has been able to make such an important contribution to the safety of key workers in these unprecedented times.

So far, visors have been sent to Headingley Nursing Home (pictured above), the ICRAS Team in Liverpool (pictured below), Continued Care Limited, and a range of other care homes and pharmacies.

We’ve received many thank you messages, such as the one below:

“We would like to thank the DT class at Notre Dame College for making and providing Green Acres with the face visors. Keep up your hard work! Thank you from all at Green Acres.”

Our message in response has always been one of heartfelt gratitude to key workers.

The Product Design Department is still making between 120 to 140 visors each day so if you know of a care home or other relevant setting in need of them, please email

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