Ex-Notre Dame students talk about life journey

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Ex-Notre Dame students talk about life journey
During our yearly ‘Mission’ week, run by our PTE department, one of our ex-students Malvern Magwanjere came in to speak to current students about his academic and life journey. Malvern first came to Notre Dame from Mount St Mary’s Catholic High School, as a charming and initially, a somewhat laid back student.  However on his journey through Notre Dame and beyond, Malvern came to believe that it is high expectations, constant support and encouragement, along with his own inner drive to succeed, that was instrumental in him finding the right path.
Now studying undergraduate philosophy at Durham University in Van Mildert College. Malvern has the ambition to work as a mentor for young people and is working hard to put together a network, where each mentee will have a mentor from a similar background. The network will target students from underrepresented and underprivileged backgrounds, tackling any common misconceptions of higher education for example, that certain universities are for white people. However the issue is not only about young BME students going on to higher education, but also helping them aim for one of the top 10 universities.  Therefore, potential students are matched with people that have “fought the same battles” to help these capable, if tentative students, see themselves in these institutions
We wish Malvern the best of luck in his future and we will continue to support and help him where we can.
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