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Earth Day Celebrations

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Earth Day Celebrations

Earth Day has been celebrated worldwide on April 22 since 1970. This year, Notre Dame’s Eco Team invited the college community to get involved and help raise awareness of the serious issues facing our environment.

To show their support for the planet, staff and students were encouraged to wear blue or green. The Eco Team also gave away sunflower seeds in St Joseph’s Court during break and lunch times, so that everyone could participate in planting flowers to rejuvenate their gardens and local natural spaces.

Earth Day also provided an opportunity to consider the importance of the environment and the ways we can all combat the climate crisis, as Jamie Nash from the student Eco Team pointed out. “We should reflect on the beauty of our environment and our place in it, and think about the challenges facing our planet as the climate emergency becomes increasingly urgent. People around the world are already facing the effects of this crisis, from devastating bushfires in Australia to floods and typhoons in the Philippines. So, Earth Day is a call to take action and safeguard our planet for future generations.”

Find out what you can do to help stop climate change using the links below:

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