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Design Student’s Work is Out of This World

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Design Student’s Work is Out of This World

Congratulations to upper sixth student Mateusz Predota, whose design work was displayed at Coal Drops Yard as part of the London Design Festival.

During lockdown, Mateusz – who’s studying the CTEC in Interior Architecture at Notre Dame – completed two online animation courses with STORE Projects, “an association of artists, architects and designers working from locations across London”. They exist to “facilitate the sharing of design skills and knowledge between experienced practitioners, aspiring students and the general public.”

His first course used MODO; a 3D modelling, texturing, and rendering toolset. Mateusz was tasked with creating an environment of his choosing, and decided on a gloomy forest for a fox, as you can see from the photo above. This is a still image from a 360-degree virtual reality (VR) environment, that the user can immerse themselves in using VR goggles. To create the environment, Mateusz learnt how to 3D scan real objects using Agisoft Metashape, then imported the scanned model into MODO.

His second course focused on creating a landscape for an alternative planet in Cinema 4D, and Mateusz designed one with a crystalline surface – in ruby, as this is his birth stone. He says his planet, “orbits a pulsar, which is a flickering star that emits radiation. This causes auroras to look extremely colourful and beautiful. We also had to create particles that rose into the air. I chose ice cubes, as in my first design I was going to go with an ice-themed planet. Because I was asked to generate a tour of my planet, I got to learn how to animate the camera in Cinema 4D.”

Tutor Ms. Carol Sheward commented, “The opportunity to take part in this course was perfect for Mateusz who has aspirations of becoming an animator. The work he has created has elevated his portfolio, enabled him to develop new skills and continues to demonstrate his dedication to the subject.”

The images and videos Mateusz created can be viewed on his Instagram account @mattsucksatart.

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